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June 8, July 13, August 10 5:30 p.m.
Blind Contour Sculpture Tours

Assistant Manager Margaret Vaughan will lead several hour-long tours of the Ireland’s Great Hunger Museum sculpture collection. Six sculptures throughout the galleries will be chosen for discussion and drawing. Vaughan will first go over the concept of “blind contour drawings” and outfit the group with paper, pencils and clipboards. When the group enters the galleries, she will point out specific sculptures and invite participants to engage in a short (three-minute) blind contour drawing while she talks about the work. The tour will end with a longer (10-minute) drawing of a sculpture of their choice. Tours are scheduled for the second Thursday of each month during the summer.

Walk-ins are welcome. Suggested $5 donation fee.

June 21 3 p.m.
Shores of Amerikay: How Archbishop John J. Hughes and the Sisters of Charity of New York Met the Needs of Ireland’s Famine Refugees – A Presentation by Turlough McConnell

America’s Irish Famine immigrants were more likely than previous arrivals to be malnourished, unhealthy and members of broken family groups, often children who ended the voyage alone. Irish children needed to be housed, fed and educated. In response, New York’s Archbishop, John J. Hughes, and the Sisters of Charity, created institutions for these unfortunates. An attempt in the early 1840s to secure public funding for New York City’s Catholic schools resulted in furor and the creation of New York’s non-sectarian Board of Education. Working in tandem with Hughes, the Sisters of Charity in New York (SCNY) opened, staffed and grew schools, orphanages and St. Vincent’s Hospital.

Informed by primary sources from the archives of the SCNY and Archdiocese of NY, and the collections of Columbia University, McConnell’s presentation focuses on the critical days when refugees from Ireland’s Great Hunger flowed into the United States.

McConnell is a producer and writer with over two decades of experience as a creative program executive in the Irish-American market. As president and CEO of Turlough McConnell Communications, he produces live events, multimedia products and documentary films of interest to Irish America, including exhibitions such as Proclaiming the American Story due to open later this year at Glasnevin Cemetery Museum Dublin.

This event is free but does require registration. Register at:

August 16, 17, 18 9 to 11 a.m.
The Paintings Speak: Creating Dramatic Monologues Inspired by the Artwork in Ireland’s Great Hunger Museum
$45 (for three days)

Ireland’s Great Hunger Museum will host a three-day children’s storytelling workshop in August. After viewing the evocative paintings and sculptures contained in the museum’s collection, each participant will select one and bring that artwork to life. This work will build toward a performance of the student-created dramatic monologues to be presented on the third day of this three-day workshop.

Participants will learn about the experience of those who lived during the time of Ireland’s Great Hunger, and will incorporate this knowledge into their final performance.

Instructor Sara deBeer is a poet and storyteller as well as an experienced classroom teacher. Sara works as an artist-in-residence in public and private schools, designing programs which tie in with on-going studies of social studies, and language arts. Under the sponsorship of the Robert C. Bates Fellowship, a Yale summer grant, Sara deBeer spent the summer of 1980 studying storytelling traditions in Ireland; this was the foundation of her lifelong love of Irish history and folk literature.

This workshop is for children age 9-12. Children must be registered and paid before the workshop begins. Registration forms can be downloaded HERE. Please call 203-582-7236 for more information.

August 20 1 to 3 p.m.
Afternoon Tea

More details coming soon!